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  • Lunar Series

Moon Landings

This print depicts every Moon Landing to date, and it’s position on the moon.
Including Nasa’s early surveyor probes, as well as the Russian Luna program and the most recent landings by the Chinese Chang’e programme, not to mention the most iconic 6 Apollo missions – that landed humans on the Moon. The large overlapping discs’ represent the amount of time spent on the Moon by each of the manned missions. Ranging from Apollo 11’s 21 hours and 36 minutes’ duration on the Moon’s surface to the final moon mission with Apollo 17’s incredible 74 hours and 59 minutes, which was three days of working, eating, sleeping and even playing golf.

A six colour silk screen print consisting of silver and tinted gloss varnishes onto Arjowiggins Curious Collection Skin.

Printed in an edition of 100,
signed and numbered.

841 x 594mm

£125 incl. P&P